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Critical Differences Between Houseboats and Shikara Rides

19 June

Critical Differences Between Houseboats and Shikara Rides


The 19th century saw the introduction of houseboats in Srinagar by the Europeans. Fascinated with the beauty of Kashmir, they wished to settle down here, but as per the local laws in Kashmir, they could not own land in the area. Following this, Europeans decided to respect the law by building wooden houses on the lakes and rivers of Kashmir. These beautifully designed houseboats had intricate wooden carvings. 

After Independence, these houseboats were left empty, so the houseboats' owners decided to convert them into luxurious hotels for the tourists who kept flocking in. Presently, best houseboats on Dal Lake and Nageen Lake are pretty famous tourist attractions in the region. Tourists find their tours incomplete without experiencing a stay in the houseboats. It makes for very exciting yet relaxing holidays for individuals, families, and couples alike and is not an experience that should be missed out on at any stage. 

The most striking feature of staying in a houseboat is that it is both homely yet luxurious therefore offers a unique experience to the occupant. You will feel at home, especially with the kindness of the locals. Moreover, all modern-day facilities are already there for you. Thus you need not worry about water or electricity. You will find yourself in the lap of nature and will enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. The immense natural beauty of the location will stun you. Indeed, you will experience an authentic Kashmiri houseboat way of life during your stay. 

Shikara Ride

To arrive at your houseboat, you will be required to take a smaller boat to get there. This boat is called a shikhara. If you choose not to stay at a houseboat instead, you can still opt to take Shikara rides over the calm waters of Dal Lake or Nageen Lake. 

Shikara rides serve as tourist boat rides and remain incredibly peaceful and soothing. You will appreciate Mother Nature around you in all its glory. Be it the less crowded waters or the markets, and a Shikara ride can be a thrilling experience for anyone seeking to enjoy the adventures of Kashmir. 

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You will be blown away by the beauty of the Zabarwan Range and the vastness of the lake. The gentle waves will lull you into a meditative state. If you get up early, you can even take a Shikara ride to see the floating flower and vegetable markets. 

The breathtaking beauty of the mountains in the distance paired with the serenity of the waters is an experience that can change your life. Sunsets and sunrises will captivate you, and everywhere you will be transformed into idyllic images. 

Heaven on earth: 

Whether you are taking this trip alone or with someone near and dear to you, you must experience a Shikara ride during your stay in Kashmir. Better yet, it would help if you experienced living in a houseboat as well. These are once in a lifetime experiences that remain unforgettable forever.  

Such trips are pretty affordable, and you will find that Dal Lake is at an advantageous location that is easily accessible from the rest of the city. It is well connected by local transport as well as taxis and autos. Once you arrive here, you can also explore neighbouring tourist attractions in Srinagar. 


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