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Is It Safe to Stay in A Houseboat in Srinagar?

19 June

Is It Safe to Stay in A Houseboat in Srinagar?

Alpine lakes, mild summers and pristine beauty are three things that perfectly describe the summer capital of the UT of Jammu & Kashmir in Srinagar. In order to enjoy these three things to the fullest, you should book a stay in the houseboat in the city that will undoubtedly offer you a unique experience for a lifetime to cherish. Yes, living in a houseboat might be a new experience for you, and you might have many inhibitions regarding the same. However, it is advised that you must stay in a houseboat during a trip to make your stay in Srinagar an unforgettable experience.  

Living in a hotel is clichéd, and you practically stay in hotels in whichever new city or country you visit if you have no relatives/acquaintances there. Instead of a hotel, you can bring a twist and total newness to your trip to Srinagar by staying in a houseboat.  

Houseboats have their unique charm:

Super Deluxe Houseboats in Srinagar are aesthetically appealing as they are richly decorated with geraniums and painted balustrades. Along with that, they give off that nostalgic charm of a mix of renaissance and the British period with its steep gables, shingled roofs, Tudor inspired wooden work. Moreover, most of the houseboats nowadays are equipped with the facilities such as generators, television, Wi-Fi connectivity, hot water facility and so on that makes the whole experience of the stay quite comfortable for anyone. What more? You can find a houseboat as per your budget and requirement as there are deluxe and luxury houseboats and budget-friendly houseboats to choose from the available options there.  

How safe are these houseboats?

A primary concern of most tourists who are looking for accommodations in Srinagar and are planning to visit there is whether houseboats safe for them. Or should they just go to old school and book a hotel in the city? Nowadays, hotels have their security system wherein they have CCTVs, security guards, fire equipment etc. Plus, hotels are somewhat a familiar accommodation option for anyone. But, on the other hand, Houseboats are unfamiliar and something new, so it is normal if you are anxious about living in one. First, however, let us make you more comfortable with the idea of staying in a deluxe houseboat in Srinagar.

Houseboats in Srinagar

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1. Government involvement is there: Most houseboats are registered with the government, and the rates are fixed mainly through government regulations. In addition, the government policy also regulates the safety standards of these houseboats. Therefore, you can rest assured of the safety of these houseboats.

2. Good facilities on board: Facilities provided on the houseboats are excellent in the sense that there is adequate fire equipment and first aids etc., availability. All these safety features are in place so that tourists can enjoy their stay without any issues. 

3. Houseboat Owners are reliable: Most houseboats are owned by families or local people who know the city inside and out. These houseboat owners also take special care of their guests and their requirements. In addition, they are known for their hospitality, so you do not need to worry about the safety of houseboats. 

Be a testament to the ever-lasting beauty, serenity and culture of Kashmir by booking your stay with Kolu Group of Houseboats as we guarantee the safety and security of your loved ones and you during your stay. 


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