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Imagine Your Night Stay at Kashmir Houseboats

23 July

Imagine Your Night Stay at Kashmir Houseboats

You thought Kashmir was famous for only beautiful sceneries, snow-clad mountains, alpine lakes, local handicrafts and fantastic weather? If yes, then you are not wrong. However, there is yet another reason why Kashmir has become the most sought after destination among not only Indians but also tourists worldwide. Do you know what that hidden gem of Kashmir is?

You perhaps guessed it right- Beautiful Kashmir Houseboats

Well, you have tried living in hotels on land everywhere you travel. So this time, taking a detour and residing in a Kashmir houseboat may not be a bad idea. Especially if you people are going to Kashmir only for a day or two, then selecting the houseboat for a night stay would be a wise move on your part. Kashmir houseboats can offer a luxurious and historically rich travel experience to anyone who spends a night in these floating houses.

Why night stay at Kashmir houseboats?

First and foremost, a night stay at Kashmir houseboat will turn out to be more reasonable than your night stay in some hotel room. You will get similar and perhaps even better amenities in the houseboat like Wi-Fi, hot water facility, etc. You would also bring in a hotel in Kashmir but at far higher prices than the affordable rates of houseboats. Because remember, the rates are fixed in consultation with the government.

Further, the Luxury kashmir houseboats are owned by the Kashmiri people, who are usually your caretakers during your stays. It means your experience is bound to be one of a kind because of the presence of these owners who know Kashmir holistically and thoroughly. 

What all do you get to enjoy during your night stay at Kashmir houseboats?

Imagine you have booked your night stay at a houseboat. You will usually take a shikhara ride to the houseboat with the help of houseboat staff to reach the main houseboat. After checking in, you can get fresh in the well-equipped washrooms of the houseboat and rest in your fully furnished yet luxurious rooms.

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Once well-rested, you can find out about the tours that the houseboat offers to the guests. Maybe you can get enrolled in one of them to visit some of the monumental places of Kashmir. Apart from that, you have the option of going on a shikhara ride to just enjoy the scenery around the houseboat.

Instead of a shikhara ride, you can also simply sit on the porch area of the Kashmir houseboat to take in the beauty around the houseboat. You were sitting on the porch with your loved ones and enjoying the sunset, while Kashmiri Kahwah (tea) can also be a memorable experience for you.

Even sitting and listening to the stories about Kashmir the houseboat owner has to share with you can be a wonderful experience for you.

Above all, something is relaxing and de-stressing about spending a night on the houseboat and the water body- the serenity and peace will remain unmatched.  

So stop imagining and plan out your next night stay at Kashmir houseboat instead.  


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