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Pandemic Cant Sink Kashmiri Houseboats

16 August

Pandemic Cant Sink Kashmiri Houseboats

Covid-19 has brought lots of things to a standstill. But with the vaccination drive in progress and constant efforts of both central government and state governments throughout the country, the situation is improving in India. If your travel plans in 2020 were turned upside down due to the pandemic scene, then now is the right moment to get motivated and make another travel plan as the situation has improved a lot and confused about the destination? Do not be because Kashmir and its houseboats are calling out to you. 

Since most of the international travel destinations are out of the question at this juncture, you can choose by visiting Kashmir to book your stay on the beautiful Kashmiri houseboats. We have listed some reasons why the pandemic cannot sink the spirit and joy of Kashmiri houseboats and why these houseboats are becoming a crowd favourite during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Kashmiri houseboats follow safety protocols: 

Almost all, or at least the majority of houseboat owners, ensure that safety protocols and regulations are strictly put in place by the government, therefore, followed tooth and nail. Tourists are allowed on board the Kashmiri houseboats only if their RT-PCR test is negative. The houseboats are sanitized and kept clean at all times. 

Staff on the houseboats is vaccinated: 

To assure that the tourists staying in the Kashmiri houseboats feel safe and secure, the staff on the Kashmiri houseboats have already got vaccinated (either with first or second dose). Along with that, vaccination drives are ongoing in Kashmir so that houseboat owners, shikharawalas etc., can be vaccinated completely. These are some of the prime measures and efforts for tourists' safety ensured on the luxury houseboats. 

One can avoid the crowd by staying in houseboats: 

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Imagine Your Night Stay at Kashmir Houseboats

The pandemic has made it necessary for people to stay away from crowded places. But are you wondering how you can do so by going to visit a place for a vacation? Well, it is simple. In Kashmir, you can avoid any crowd quite conveniently by booking your stay in the Kashmiri houseboats instead. You can either book the entire houseboat for your family or choose to go for the deluxe or luxury rooms on the houseboats with us. 

Houseboats are airy and refreshing change: 

Apart from helping you avoid any crowd, Beautiful kashmiri houseboats are designed so that they always remain airy and fresh most of the time. Fresh air anyway helps in keeping any place refreshing and safe. Another plus point is that you get a chance to unwind by staying on a houseboat and enjoying the highly mesmerizing sceneries around the houseboat. It is in sharp contrast to the days of the lockdown when you were forced to remain at your home. On the houseboat, you will not feel suffocated, and therefore you can spend your valuable time happily and in serenity. 

Come, book your stay with Kulu Group of Houseboats

We at Kulu Houseboats take your safety during the pandemic as our top priority. We ensure that all our houseboats are regularly sanitized. Each of our staff members is completely vaccinated. We do not allow guests onboard without a negative RT-PCR test. Furthermore, we follow the SOPs provided by the government to the core. Get in touch with us to know more. 


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