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Spring Time Shikara Festival

16 August

Spring Time Shikara Festival

What is Shikara Race?

Every year, around the spring, you can witness that Srinagar in Kashmir celebrates the Shikara festival with lots of joy and excitement. One of the most critical features of this festival is perhaps the Shikara race that truly mesmerizes all and sundry. 

Shikara refers to the long light-paddling boats. Several colourful Shikaras are taken out during the festival, and tourists get to participate with the locals in this unique and adventurous sports activity. As you enjoy this race to this finish, the mesmerizing Sufi music playing in all the boats further scintillate the occasion.  

The Shikara race happens to be a fan favourite amongst the tourists in Kashmir, and it usually takes place in the famous Dal lake of Srinagar. Other events that occur during this festival include the Dragon Boat Race and Canoe Polo Match, to name a few, besides numerous cultural activities that revamp the rich culture and tradition of the region. 

What Can You Do After the Race?

After you enjoy this event, you can buy souvenirs at the multiple floating shops that sell all kinds of items, from the famous gulkand ice cream to flavoured saffron. You can also enjoy rich and aromatic spice-infused barbequed lamb, chicken, and fish at the festival. These are delicious foods that cannot be replicated anywhere else. 

Are Houseboats Facing an Extinction in the Current Scenario

Pandemic Cant Sink Kashmiri Houseboats

Most people who come to enjoy the Shikara festival and watch the Shikara race end up staying in the houseboats that are notable attractions that make cherishing memory for a lifetime. Such houseboats cannot be missed if you are on a Kashmir trip and are keen to make the best use of your time there. They will offer you a magical experience where you would be pampered with many luxurious services, stunning views and authentic delicacies.

What are Houseboats and Why Should You Live on One? 

These floating houses are one of the unique accommodation options you will find in the entire of India. The houseboats are anchored on the banks of Dal and Nigeen lakes, the two most beautiful lakes in Srinagar. Houseboats are the perfect accommodation for all kinds of travellers from couples to family to friends. Even solo travellers can enjoy great houseboat packages. 

You will get to enjoy a Shikara ride yourself to and from the houseboat. You can even book Shikara rides for leisurely rides where you can enjoy the natural beauty all around you. Moreover, you can take the Shikara to shop on the floating markets, where you will find everything from Kashmiri handicrafts to barbequed dishes. 

The houseboats vary in size, and you can opt for different packages as per your needs. These houses have all the amenities as a regular hotel, ranging from luxury to mid-range to budget houseboats. Hence, there is something for everyone. These houseboats have beautifully carved wood panelling with furniture made from Walnut wood. They also have a porch on which you can sit and enjoy the incredible views. 

So now you know that Kashmiri houseboats are beautiful and luxurious on the inside, but also have stunning natural views on the outside. The hosts are generally hot and helpful and will provide you with delectable Kashmiri cuisine. All of these features make a Kashmiri houseboat holiday an appealing one. It is easy to book a range of packages here, from budget to luxury. 


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