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Distinct Features of Kashmiri Waterway Life

26 August

Distinct Features of Kashmiri Waterway Life

Wondering what the title of this blog stands for? Kashmiri waterway life represents the lovely and mesmerizing floating dwellings that are famously called Kashmiri houseboats. The time one gets to spend on these beautifully adorned houseboats is something that no one should miss out on. It is especially true for tourists who have come just to spend a few days in the valley. Why not spend your vacation on a houseboat and make it memorable? For sure, you can do that. 

Kashmiri waterway life is historically significant:

Kashmiri houseboats have a long live tradition of the past that no one wants to part with for sure. The floating houses that used to provide shelter to the British officials posted in Kashmir during colonial times are now the most sought-after accommodation options for tourists visiting the valley worldwide. Today, many Kashmiris live in the houseboats as owners, while several houseboats are available for tourists all year round. Thus, you can very well see the historical significance of the waterway life in Kashmir that remain distinct here and leave a remarkable impact.  

Life on Kashmiri Waterway is quite serene: 

As you already know that Kashmir is filled with beautiful snow-capped mountains; it is famous for its apples; it houses some of the popular holy shrines as well as popular trekking points and so on. But one thing that trumps above all of these is the waterway life of Kashmir. It can be experienced only if you book a stay at the Kashmiri houseboats for great enjoyment.  

Imagine staying on a skillfully built Kashmiri houseboat in the middle of any of the pristine lakes of Kashmir. You will be surrounded by the beautiful and appealing breathtaking views of the surrounding areas; and shikarawallas and local sellers going about their respective businesses. You can take a shikara ride or just stay put and enjoy the fantastic weather of the valley. Such peace and serenity is something that you will not get to experience anywhere else. 

Kashmiri houseboats make life comfortable and unforgettable on the waterway

The sole reason behind the ever-growing popularity of the Kashmiri waterway life is the Kashmiri Houseboats. 

Convenience to the core: Right from having Wi-Fi and hot water facilities to cable TV, you would get nothing in a hotel room that you will not get on a Kashmiri houseboat.

Budget-friendly rooms: On top of that, the rooms are divided into deluxe, suite, premium rooms and so on in almost all the houseboats so that you can make your pick as per your budget. 

Spring Time Shikara Festival

Pandemic Cant Sink Kashmiri Houseboats

Appetizing food options: Another thing worth mentioning is the food provided to the tourists in the houseboats in Kashmir. To truly experience Kashmiri cuisine, you should stay aboard a luxury kashmir houseboat because some of the best dishes in the region are served in most of these houseboats, while several even have fine dine restaurants exclusively serving the recipes from the Kashmiri cuisine. 

A chance to explore the rest of Kashmir: Well, just booking your stay on the houseboat does not mean you are stuck there. Houseboats usually provide packages to tourists who can opt for pilgrimage tours, day excursions and special activities in Kashmir like boat rides, trekking, water trekking, trout fishing etc. 

Come and book your stay with us to enjoy Kashmiri waterway life with style and sophistication. 



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