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Topmost Holiday Activities: Shikara Rides

24 November

Topmost Holiday Activities: Shikara Rides

Srinagar is rightly called the ‘Heaven on Earth’; circled by the majestic Himalayas with a panorama of lush green trees and a perfect view of snow-covered mountain peaks, it is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. For travel enthusiasts, families, lovers and friends, Srinagar will undoubtedly be a place you fall in love with. 

There are specific activities that you must do without fail during your stay in Srinagar. Living in a houseboat is an unforgettable experience that you will cherish forever. But it would help if you tried a Shikara ride while you were there. You will be in awe as you float along the clear waters of Dal Lake Houseboats or Nagin Lake. Such an experience will stay with you forever as you soak in the beauty of your surroundings. That will be the genuinely mesmerising experience you won’t forget ever. Whether you are in Srinagar with your partner, friends or family, this beautiful place always offers something fantastic to everyone. 

Shikara Rides on Dal Lake

Dal Lake is the jewel of Srinagar as it is right next to the famous Mughal Gardens. You will be enthralled by the natural beauty surrounding the lake look genuinely appealing. This lake is quite renowned for couples as the Shikara rides can be a romantic experience in such a scenic environment. Staying in a houseboat here is an excellent idea so that you can witness the majestic sights of the Pir Panjal Mountain ranges. The sunrise and sunsets here will leave you speechless. 

Shikara Rides on Nagin Lake

Houseboats in Nagin Lake is comparatively calmer and serene, but it is surrounded by as much natural beauty as the Dal Lake. If you go on a Shikara ride here, you can enjoy the sight of willow and poplar trees, which form a dense cover around the lake. This lake is less crowded and indeed perfect for other fun activities like swimming and skiing.

Shikara Rides on Manasbal Lake

If you want to move a little away from the tourist spots, Manasbal Lake is the perfect place to go. It is around 30 km away from Srinagar and is covered with the floating Lotus flowers. It is away from the central city and is surrounded by Jarokbal, Kondabal and Ganderbal. It is yet another romantic spot for Shikara rides, where you can enjoy some time alone with your better half, floating through the fields of lotuses. 

Houseboat Honeymoons and Candle-lit Dinners

The Heritage of Kashmiri Houseboats

A Holiday Experience Like No Other 

The scenic beauty of Srinagar will fill your heart with the unbridled joy that you will cherish forever. There are tons of adventure sports you can do in the vicinity while enjoying the natural settings around you. Living in a houseboat will be a truly unique experience. And, you can spend your leisure time on a Shikara ride. It is a great way to get around the lake, admire the beauty, and visit the floating markets. 

You can easily stay in a houseboat for a very modest price. Not only will you feel like you are in a fancy hotel, but you will get to eat some of the best authentic Kashmiri food there that is another unforgettable experience for you. It is a trip you cannot miss, waking up to a beautiful sunrise and sleeping within the confines of a beautiful natural space. 


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