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10 Must Do Things in Houseboats of Kashmir?

25 November

10 Must Do Things in Houseboats of Kashmir?

Undoubtedly for anyone and everyone, Kashmir is one of the beautiful holiday destinations in India that seek the attention of both domestic and global holidaymakers. If you want to experience Heaven on the Earth, then Kashmir is undoubtedly the most suitable place to explore to fulfil your ardent desires. 

If you are visiting Kashmir, then your vacation won’t be complete without a stay in houseboats of Kashmir as they become an experience for a lifetime. Your vacation will undoubtedly become more memorable and extraordinary when you plan your stay in the houseboats in Dal Lake. That is why one should plan the visit to Kashmir by considering the season. The most suitable and perfect time to visit Kashmir is between March to August months.  

Besides various other amazing things that make your Kashmir trip a meaningful one, one of the prime attractions in Kashmir is undoubtedly houseboats that make your time a cherishing memory. These floating houseboats were anchored on the Dal Lake, and they remain the centre of attraction even to this day. 

Topmost Holiday Activities: Shikara Rides

Houseboat Honeymoons and Candle-lit Dinners

As a traveller, you should enjoy and experience your stay in a luxurious and premium houseboat for sure to grab a lifetime memory. Before staying in a houseboat or planning your holiday in a houseboat, you must remain abreast of the ten must-do things in the houseboats of Kashmir. It will further add value to your trip:  


  1. Shikari Ride - To view the beauty of the snow-capped mountains and valleys through a ride on the Dal Lake in Kashmir, such rides will be one of the breathtaking moments during the trip. If you stay in a houseboat in Kashmir, Shikara rides will stand top of the list of to-do things in Kashmir during the stay in houseboats. 


  1. Exploring the Floating Market - Another must-do thing during a stay in houseboats of Kashmir is delving into shopping in the floating market in the Dal Lake streets. These markets are very much famous and popular here. Here, you can get traditional Kashmiri jewellery, handicrafts, shawls, and the saffron of best quality that you hardly find anywhere else. 


  1. Kashmiri Food – The local Kashmiri food and the dishes from the ethnic cuisines of the region is another best thing that you can experience exclusively while staying in the houseboats of Kashmir. Particularly Barbecue dinner that consists of authentic Kashmiri cuisine is served in the houseboats of Kashmir. Tasting such great food becomes an experience for a lifetime. 


  1. Watching the Beautiful Sunrise and Sunset - Tourists can also experience wonderful and magnificent sunrise and sunset from the houseboats of Kashmir that are a significant experience not to forget forever.  


  1. Ride on Dal Lake - Evenings and early morning rides on Dal Lake on small boats will undoubtedly make another must-do thing during your stay in the houseboats of Kashmir. 
  2. Floating Vegetable Garden - You can also have a delightful eye treat by seeing the floating vegetable garden during your stay. You can even buy lotus stem, fresh fruits and veggies from these floating vegetable gardens on Dal Lake. 


  1. Tuk-Tuks - Don’t forget to experience a ride on the small boats, usually called Tuk-Tuks in Dal Lake. They will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone.


  1. Beautiful Sceneries - You will enjoy the best sceneries of valleys and snow-capped mountains; hence don’t forget to capture every beautiful view of nature during your trip. From houseboats of Kashmir, you can also plan for a photo shoot. It is also one of the must-do things during your stay.


  1. Ice Skating - If you plan your stay during winters, you will also get a chance for ice skating on Dal Lake Houseboats. As Dal Lake gets frozen during the peak winters, it will be another most adventurous part of your stay in a houseboat.


  1. Capture Picture - Tourists can also dress up themselves in Kashmiri attire, and they can have the photos as well. In Dal Lake, you can stalls where you can get Kashmiri attires as well. Buy some of them as your memories from the trip.  

The above mentioned are ten must-do things in houseboats of Kashmir are truly perfect retreats. You get to know all these before going for a stay in houseboats of Kashmir to explore the region perfectly and making your trip a cherishing one for your whole life.  


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