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Experience Shikara Ride in Dal Lake

26 November

Experience Shikara Ride in Dal Lake

Dal Lake is one of the major tourist attractions in Srinagar and remains a popular tourist spot in the Kashmir trip itinerary. The total area of Dal Lake is approximately 20 Sqkms. The Shikhara ride on the Dal Lake, Srinagar, remains one of the best visual retreats, and therefore one enjoys the authentic daily scenes of the local culture during a trip.  

Shikaras are small manual boats. They are designed uniquely with top roofs. Tourists can have a relaxing ride. It is worth and pleasures for the experience of Shikara ride in Dal Lake. The whole Shikara ride takes almost two-hour, where you can see the beautiful scenic beauty of snow-capped mountains and enjoy the calm and tranquil waters of Dal Lake. 

Enjoying a Lifetime Experience 

During the Shikara rides, tourists can also experience shopping in the floating market to explore and buy traditional Kashmiri jewellery, shawls, authentic street food, and original saffron. During your Shikara ride, you also get ample opportunity to witness fishing and also indulge in the breath-taking views of the scenic Dal Lake that is truly an experience you won’t forget in life. 

During your Shikara ride, you can experience the beautiful sightseeing and attractions around Dal Lake like Nehru Park, Shalimar Gardens, and Hazratbal Mosque, to name a few. Along with the gorgeous snow-capped mountain views and incredible beauty of the valleys, it will make your ride a more memorable experience. 

Tourists can also reach the Island of Char Chinar to enjoy staying in the luxurious hotels located at the edges of Dal Lake. You can choose the timings of the Shikara ride to manage your time and resources. If you want to enjoy sunrise or sunset, according to that, you can plan your rides and treat yourself to spellbinding views of both sunrises as well as the sunset. You literally grab the moment thus enjoy the best experience of the Shikara ride in Dal Lake Houseboats.

Memorable Lakeside Trip 

For the select tourists who want to enjoy the most pleasing lakeside experience, the Shikara ride offers them the best avenue to explore. You can enjoy yourself with a group of your family members and friends while moving around on Dal Lake from one corner to another corner. While doing a Shikara ride on Dal Lake, you literally experience the glory feeling—and after sunset, when lighting is gradually down, you can see a few locals along with their boats selling full of fruits and vegetables in the floating vegetable market. 

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Not only fruits and veggies, some boats even sell flowers, handicrafts, ornaments, jewellery, and snacks, chips, biscuits, barbecues, and kebabs to approaching Shikara. Doing such shopping remains a memorable experience for travellers. 

Delving into Kashmiri Tradition 

You can also dress up in traditional Kashmiri attire during your Shikara ride. Upon doing so, get a few photographs clicked with beautiful backgrounds for great memories. Some locals will approach your Shikara and ask you to get dressed, and they will provide you with the full costumes for both men and women. They will click beautiful photographs with the stunning backdrop of the amazing Dal Lake. Get some pictures clicked for cherishing memories. 

Houseboats in Dal Lake is undoubtedly a beautiful icon of Kashmir. You can create beautiful memories by experiencing the beauty of the lake while going for a Shikara ride. The waters are apparent where you can observe the reflection of the snow-covered mountains and valleys on the lakeside. 

During the relaxing Shikara ride, tourists also experience floating lotuses on Dal Lake, which is one of the add-on moments of your vacation to grab the fantastic experience of the Shikara ride in Dal Lake. Plan your trip that will turn into an experience not to forget forever. 


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