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The Best of Kashmir Houseboats at Affordable Rates

19 December

The Best of Kashmir Houseboats at Affordable Rates

There is no better dream than a tryst with luxury houseboats in Srinagar during a trip to Jammu & Kashmir that becomes an experience for the lifetime to cherish forever. It will be one of the unique experiences you have ever had. In the heart of the Switzerland of India—as denoted due to its amazing beauty, you will be able to enjoy a luxurious experience like no other. And it doesn’t have even to be expensive! The houseboats you find here are luxury abodes firmly anchored in these peaceful lakes, surrounded by forests and snow-capped mountains.

The most important features are that these houseboats remain equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities you seek. So you will be warm and fully serviced all the time. You can enjoy a snug and cosy mornings and relaxing days on the lake. You will feel like you are in heaven while witnessing the stunning views at sunrise and sunset. There is no doubt that this experience will sweep you off your feet. So, if you are thinking about visiting Kashmir for your holiday, let this cement your decision.

Luxury Need Not Be Expensive

Srinagar is almost synonymous with houseboats. No one in this world can resist the quaint charms of these grand and luxurious accommodations anchored in the awe-inspiring waters of the Dal and Nagin Lakes. You will have access to breath-taking views, the warmest of the hospitality offered and authentic Kashmiri cuisine are simply awesome. Regardless of the length of your visit, you shouldn’t miss the unique experiences that come with staying in a houseboat, such as shikara rides, floating markets, fragrant and vibrant flowers, fresh spices, fruit and veggies and all kinds of beautiful landscapes.

10 Must Do Things in Houseboats of Kashmir?

How to Book a Houseboat in Kashmir?

You will feel at home here thanks to friendly caretakers and natives. There is no doubt your stay will be the memorable to remember forever. You might be thinking luxury like this will be hard to afford. But fret not. There are highly affordable options that will not break your bank.

The Best and the Cheapest Luxury Srinagar Houseboats Price

If you have decided this trip is happening for you, be prepared to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable stay in what is considered to be the best houseboats in Srinagar. It is what we guarantee:

  • Best Location: The decision to be in the heart of it all, or seeking to have a completely private space that is away from the hustle and bustle, you can enjoy peace and serenity and total excitement. 
  • Delicious Food: Our onboard cooks make the best Kashmiri cuisine which you cannot miss during your visit. You have the choice to select the best meal plan preferred for you and for those accompanying you.
  • Size and Type of Houseboat: We have different options and packages depending on your requirements. Regardless of the size of the houseboat, we offer the best service.
  • Houseboat Owners: We offer you personalized attention so that you feel well-cared of. 
  • Water Supply: We offer all modern amenities such as a 24-hour water supply, electric blankets, TV, a fully stocked kitchen and much more. 
  • Generators: You will have 24-hour electricity, room heating and Wi-Fi that will certainly make your stay rewarding and well connected.

If you want a VIP vacation at a more affordable rate, we can make that dream come true for you. Book with us for the best holiday!


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