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Which is the Best Houseboat in Srinagar?

06 March

Which is the Best Houseboat in Srinagar?

Alternate headline: Fall in love with Srinagar while riding along in a houseboat

Imagine an arc of green mountains, snow clad in the distance, with the sun peeking at intervals. Now, imagine the same thing, but cuddled with your life partner, your children or alone; the serene landscape being the background to your day, the slow ripples of the water being the musical witness to your peace of mind.

Wondering how this fairytale will ever come alive? Well, look no further than experiencing heaven with houseboats in Srinagar. These floating paradises dot the horizon of the Dal lake, where the houseboats, considered to be works of art are awaiting your arrival. These Srinagar houseboats are all about artistic masterpieces, love, hospitality and lip-smacking local cuisine.

The houseboats in Srinagar, also known as floating houses are a unique option for people who want to experience something different and memorable. Why go for a normal hotel stay when you can be wrapped up amidst nature and that too with privacy by simply booking houseboats in Srinagar.

Srinagar houseboats: The new staycation

Keeping the safety protocols in mind and with the pandemic induced restrictions being slowly lifted, booking a houseboat in Srinagar can be your perfect getaway. Not only can you relax amidst the beautiful scenery, you can also experience the welcoming nature that Kashmir is known for. You will be able to breathe in the serene atmosphere, bask in the ambience of the Himalayas while munching upon local delicacies. A Srinagar houseboat is indeed a memory of a lifetime, one where you can come to unwind, leaving behind the stress of daily life and looking forward to waking up in a well-maintained houseboat during the duration of your stay. The houseboats in Srinagar are a visual treat, offering breathtaking view of the mountains and Chinar trees.

Why choose houseboats in Srinagar?

Living in a houseboat is not only something which you will be able to talk about throughout your life, it is also about connecting with nature while spending quality time with your family. A houseboat is your dream stay, one where you can make it a honeymoon couple’s retreat, the much-needed vacation with your partner and children or even finally that long planned solo trip.

What are the different types of Srinagar houseboats?

Before you book houseboats in Srinagar, it is first necessary to know the different types of houseboats available in Srinagar. The houseboats and the amenities in it differ as per your budget and requirement. If you are looking for Srinagar houseboats booking, then we at Kolu Houseboats offer a wide range of options that are suitable to your taste.

These are a range of premium Srinagar houseboats and the furnishings as well as the services available in them are managed by joint families who have years of experience in running these houseboats.

We have been at your service since 1940 and have been constantly evolving with the changing times and are today available anytime you want to book a houseboat in Srinagar. Our range of deluxe luxury houseboats are renowned across the country and are available at easily affordable prices.

These luxury furnished Srinagar houseboats are all about tuning out the rest of the world while you immerse yourself in the breathtaking mountain vistas, become a part of the daily routine with the calls of the vegetable vendors selling their wares from their floating shikara shops and then spend the rest of the day being one with the tranquil charm of the water.

With the essence of Kashmir oozing in every corner, when you go for Srinagar houseboat booking, remember to check out or range of rooms-Deluxe, Premium, Noora Suite and Luxury suite.

All of these are available at your service simply by logging on https://kashmirhouseboats.net/


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