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What are houseboats in Kashmir?

14 March

What are houseboats in Kashmir?

Alternate headline: Enjoy the waves of relaxation on a houseboat in Kashmir

A romantic getaway, a much-awaited family vacation, the friend's hangout or a solo trip which you finally got the permission for; you want to go ahead and have an incredible vacation. But before you start packing, you are probably wondering where exactly should you go? ‘

Well, how about Kashmir; the crown jewel, the pristine valley, the unexplored poem nestled in a nature lover’s heart?

Visiting Kashmir means carrying back a unique memorable experience, one which is decked with the white hues of the mountains, the green hues of nature, the blue splashes of Dal lake and the colorful vibrancy of the numerous houseboats in Kashmir.

Living the houseboat life

Living in a houseboat in Kashmir is one of the main attractions that you should add to your bucket list. And then keep revisiting it even after ticking it off your bucket list, to rediscover it like the first time after you indulge in the well-made, luxuriously furnished, locally maintained houseboats.

Sheltered under the imposing mountains with the shikaras (gondola-like boats) floating by; staying in a houseboat in Kashmir will make you lose yourself while at the same time helping you find yourself. These houseboats are a relic of a time gone by. And yet have adapted themselves to the modern times.

These houseboats in Kashmir now cater to the sensibilities of the customers and the tourists who want to experience the valley in all its glory. Maintained by local families and overseen by expert management staff, these houseboats are all about providing you a wholesome Kashmir experience.

Depending on your budget and other requirements, you can choose amongst the Deluxe room for a heritage living experience, Premium room to live amidst Kashmir inspired furnishings, Noora Suite room for a cosy as well as special stay and Luxury suite room to live in an opulent, larger than life, grand style.

These houseboats in Kashmir also give you the opportunity to taste the local cuisine, know more about the local way of life and learn what makes Kashmir stand apart as a shining testimony of beauty, history and culture.


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