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What are the Different Types of Houseboats in Kashmir?

28 April

What are the Different Types of Houseboats in Kashmir?

Jammu & Kashmir is a great tourist destination in the Indian subcontinent that welcomes travellers from worldwide locations. It has developed quite a bit but has still perfectly retained its uniqueness. When in J&K, you can opt to stay in a houseboat. It allows you to live on the waters and be as close to nature as possible. 

These houseboats are made entirely of woods and will comfort you with their homely environment, peaceful surroundings and enchanting views outside. You will find a fully furnished house with formal living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, and carved wooden furniture and beautifully decorated interiors.

There are generally 1 to 5 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a common eating area and a balcony. The stunning interiors are of typical Kashmiri style that showcases vibrant colours and art of the region. It is not very difficult to find one that suits your requirements.

What Is It Like to Live On a Houseboat

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Following are the different types of houseboats you will come across:

1. Firdous: These houseboats are grand in construction and interiors. You will find three double bedrooms with attached bathrooms, hot and cold water and a living room. The interiors are laid with Kashmiri handicrafts.

2. Kushal: A little smaller, it has two double bedrooms and all other features a three or four-star hotel room might have. You will love the design of the rooms and the stunning furniture. This type of houseboat is perfect for family holidays.

3. Nishat: A houseboat meant for the honeymooners, it comprises one double bedroom. You can enjoy your privacy facing the lake.

4. Kushdil: This one is meant for the honeymooners as well, with one double bedroom and all modern facilities to make your stay truly special.

5. Gulshan: This one has two double bedrooms with a verandah, and it is an ideal option for family vacations. You will catch a glimpse of the snow-clad peaks from the porch.

6. Clermont Too: A two double bedroom boat offering a cosy environment and privacy is perfect for those who want to enjoy their holiday in total solitude. 

Today, these houseboats are more than just a house on the lake. You will find that almost all the major rivers and lakes in Kashmir provide houseboat cruises to travellers and tourists seeking to explore the region to the best. You may even use these houseboats for shikara rides, that is, simply floating down the lake or sunbathing on the top deck. 

These beautiful houseboats allow you to be on the water and close to nature with a perfect holiday experience.


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