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Best Adventure Sports in Kashmir

24 May

Best Adventure Sports in Kashmir

The picturesque beauty of Kashmir has no match in the world. It is compared to nothing less than a paradise on earth. Apart from the intention of immersing oneself in the divine beauty of Kashmir and super deluxe srinagar boathouse, tourists also visit Kashmir for its plethora of adventure sports. Adventure junkies of all sorts find one thing or the other to do in Kashmir, which, combined with breath-taking landscapes, gives a whole new dimension to the experience. 

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Tourists can do camping, river rafting, snowboarding, trekking, skiing, boat rides on lakes or rivers and also safaris; adventure lovers will not find themselves listless or bored at all in Kashmir. Some of the adventure sports, based on landscape, are mentioned below:

1. Adventure Sports on Water: There are all kinds of water bodies in Kashmir. Some are tranquil lakes and rivers, and there are also those with a fast flow. The lakes and rivers with a quicker flow cut through the rocky terrains. They are primarily found in the Pahalgam region in beautiful Kashmir and ideal for wild water rafting, parasailing, fishing, canoeing, and angling. Calm and serene lakes like best houseboat in srinagar dal lake and Nageen Lake are ideal for a restful holiday whilst living on Houseboats. One can also do the famous Shikara rides (smaller boats) and take in the peaceful surrounding on these lakes.

Shikara rides, apart from being used for sightseeing the nearby luscious gardens and other attractions, are also, in fact, used to make small floating markets that captivate the tourists with their handicrafts and vibrant flowers.

2. Adventure Sports on Land: Towering snow-capped mountains, steep hills or forested hills, Kashmir has it all and much more for you to enjoy a great time during a memorable trip! You can go trekking or even explore other adventure sports like mountaineering in Zanskar and Ladakh. The Himalayan range isn’t far off either to go skiing, snowboarding or ice skating in the frozen water bodies of the Himalayan valleys. The hills in the forests of Kashmir have an arrangement for the tourists to enjoy adventure sports like bungee jumping, wildlife safaris, and also cave exploration, amongst other adventure activities to enjoy.  

The never-ending trails in the mountains and forests of Kashmir are ideal for biking purpose as well. Some camps provide biking equipment. At some places, artificial trails with aluminium are also made for the convenience of the tourists. What is more popular of the lot is, definitely, wildlife safaris because Kashmir’s rich plant and animal life are simply too exotic to miss. Some several national parks and sanctuaries encourage wildlife tours. 

3. Adventure Sports in Air: In the places like Jammu and Zanskar, adventure sports like hot air ballooning, sky diving, paragliding and even air surfing are the most popular ones. There are special camps all over Kashmir just for these activities. 

Kashmir is not just for romantic trips or sightseeing, but it has been increasingly made ideal for adventure sports. Its diverse landscapes have facilitated it, be it the mountains, valleys, lakes or rivers, forests, gardens and even mesmerizing meadows. An adventure lover is bound to find something for himself or herself in Kashmir, no doubt!


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