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Srinagar houseboat rates

23 August

Srinagar houseboat rates

Explore the heritage walks of Srinagar tourist places, It is said that truly experience the unparalleled beauty of Srinagar, one has to see it with eyes of the soul. But for that you will have to be one with the city, explore the rich and diverse cultural heritage of this historic city. And the Srinagar walks are designed to deliver just that. Walking here you will discover the awe-inspiring architecture of Srinagar, the various professions that thrive in this city and the raw materials which find their way into the magnificent products that are created by its people. Srinagar Walks offers an unequaled experience of Srinagar and its way of life.

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According to historians, the city of Srinagar was founded in 250 B.C. near Panderethen, some three miles south-east of the present city. The name Srinagar is alternatively translated as Shree Nagar or ‘The city’. Srinagar was described by its inhabitants as ‘the city of seven bridges’, and like many medieval river-based settlements, Srinagar developed on the banks of river Jhelum. The river not only served as the primary means of transportation, but the bazaars and workshops around it were the hubs of social, cultural and commercial activities.


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