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Enjoy Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience of Staying in Houseboat during Winters

07 October

Enjoy Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience of Staying in Houseboat during Winters

A vacation to Kashmir would perhaps remain incomplete without staying in a wonderfully cosy houseboat. Staying in a Kashmir houseboat is one of the unique and must-do experiences while you trip to Kashmir. But, choosing a perfect houseboat can prove a challenge, particularly during the wintertime. The Winter season begins from December mid and ends till January. During the second week of January, you experience intense low temperatures in Kashmir. Hence, to enjoy your stay to the fullest and to grab a beautiful experience in a houseboat during the winter season will be a worthwhile and memorable experience for your life.   

What Makes Winter Stays in Kashmir Typical?    

Many people share their experiences about houseboats during summers. But staying in houseboats in Kashmir in winters is an experience to cherish forever. You are certainly going to enjoy a different feeling of staying in houseboats during wintertime. During winters, the Dal Lake freezes and staying in a houseboat will be perfectly delightful, feeling the exquisite sense of freezing cold weather there. Tourists enjoy fresh snowfall and a fantastic view of snowcapped mountains and valleys while staying in the houseboats. 

The tourists seeking to enjoy the Kashmir winter to its fullest with a bit of action and exploration of the region should stay in the Kolu Group of Houseboats for an experience of a lifetime. 

During extreme winters, the snowfall in Kashmir remains a boon in disguise for the tourists. The houseboats are customized and made as the winter liveable for the comfort of travellers. For all the tourists to enjoy their stay in Kashmir during winters, houseboats without any problems related to low temperatures give seething climatic conditions for the travellers to stay in the cosy place. 

Best Amenities Assured 

Houseboats remain equipped with all the required amenities for wintertime stays like room heaters, 24 hours’ hot water supply, cosiness inside the rooms, and living area and rooms centrally heated or heated with ‘Bukhari, which are typically manufactured Kashmiri stoves with embers of wood to provide heat to keep the temperature under control. These are effectively used in houseboats to make the room environment warm and comfortable for a friendly stay during that season. 

Hot delicious authentic food is served in the Kashmir houseboats to enjoy the hot ethnic food and dishes prepared with a local touch. Travellers feel a heavenly stay enjoying recipes from the regional cuisines and the firsthand experience of snowfall and the frozen Dal Lake. They are one of the best visual retreats and great experiences for tourists to enjoy during wintertime. During the wintry morning, you can shop various items in the floating market nearby the houseboats. The things like flowers, clothes, Shawl, Jewelry, and quilts etc., are beautiful souvenirs to take back home.   

Winter Stays in Houseboats Are Equally Mesmerizing  

One cannot describe the mesmerizing beauty of Kashmir, especially during the wintertime. Staying in houseboats in Kashmir during winters offer you ample avenues to feel the snow-covered landscapes. Watch them from beside the warmth of a fire that remains worthwhile beyond explanation. The main highlight of planning a winter vacation to Kashmir to enjoy snowfall and frozen Dal Lake remains a momentous sight to cherish forever. 

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The Heritage of Kashmiri Houseboats

By staying in the houseboats during wintertime, you explore many things besides feeling the ascent of the scenic beauty of green meadows. They will entice you to the fullest. Your visit to Kashmir during wintertime and staying in houseboats will make a big difference. The increased number of travellers turning up and making a preplan to visit Kashmir in winters to gain a marvellous and blissful experience in houseboats stays during the winter season indicate how adventurous yet meaningful such stays can become. 

The hills and valleys are covered up with a sheet of snow during winters in Kashmir. It will undoubtedly be so delightful experience looking at the frozen Dal Lake tourists and planning various activities during winters. To experience heaven on earth to the fullest and to view the beauty of Kashmir during winters, plan a trip that can be a visual treat for you to cherish forever. 


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