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Do Houseboats in Srinagar Move?

18 May

Do Houseboats in Srinagar Move?

If you visit best houseboat in srinagar, staying on a houseboat is undoubtedly a unique, incredible and must-do experience. There are more than 1000 houseboats between Dal and Nigeen lakes. Let’s read on to learn more about these houseboats. 

Do these houseboats move?

No, unlike the houseboats you find in Kerala, these houseboats do not move in Kashmir. They are permanently docked lengthways at the lake, affording you stunning lake views from your bedroom. Some houseboats face each other, but the balconies will always be facing the lake so that you can enjoy the view of the lake in nature’s lap and feel its bounty.  

The most crucial factor to consider when deciding where to stay is whether you want peace or closer to the action. Dal Lake is quite a famous and vibrant tourist destination today. It is a popular tourist spot where the majority of the houseboats are located. The more crowded areas of Dal Lake see the houseboats unattractively lined up bumper to bumper along the canal. 

Srinagar houseboat rates

Srinagar Tourist Places

Since the lake is quite big, you must ensure checking where your premium houseboat srinagar is. Nigeen Lake is a smaller and serene one, and it happens to be more picturesque too. But you may feel more isolated and lonely here. So pick a houseboat depending on what you like and what are your preferences. ​

Types of Houseboats 

Depending on your needs, you will find houseboats of different sizes, all graded by the Government Tourism Department. You can opt for the Deluxe Houseboats to D Grade, and there are set rates for each category. If you are looking for a top-quality houseboat, you can get one in a range from 8,000-15,000 Indian rupees per night. A more budgeted houseboat would be around 4,000-7,000 Indian rupees per night. 

If you are visiting best deluxe kashmir houseboat with family or a larger group, a giant houseboat would be the better choice as it has four to five bedrooms. If you are going with your partner, it makes more sense to stay in a smaller houseboat to guarantee more privacy and fewer disturbances. 

These houseboats are most commonly family-owned and operated. You will feel like you are in something between a hotel and a homestay. Many houseboat owners make great attempts to give their guests specialise attention which is quite helpful as it offers you greater insight into local knowledge. Ensure you read the reviews and verify owner information so that you have a truly genuine experience there.  

Lake Tours in Srinagar 

If you want to go on a tour, the houseboat owner can generally arrange it for you. Again, be sure to research these tours before opting for any one. If you are on a budget trip, it is recommended to hire a shikhara and tour the lake until you come across a houseboat that you like. It is possible that the ones steering the shikhara might be associated with the houseboats and will take you to the ones where they might earn a commission. 

Rates drop quite a bit during the wintertime so that you can bargain there. Contact the houseboat owners for the best rates. Keep in mind that availability is scarce during April to June high season. 


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